iPhone Screen Protector

Which iPhone do I have?

To find out which iPhone model you have go into Settings -> General -> About -> Model Name.

Our Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protectors are designed to be a first defence to protect your screen from fingerprints, scratches and cracking. Made from the highest quality shatter-proof tempered glass available, our screen protectors are designed to integrate seamlessly with all of our cases. They provide edge-to-edge screen protection so you have nothing to worry about. Each screen protector kit includes a dry cleaning wipe, an alcohol wipe, electrostatic dust remover, and guide stickers.

Add a Camera Protector for Maximum Protection!

· Shatter-proof tempered glass
· Edge-to-edge screen protection
· Anti-fingerprint
· Protects against scratches and cracking
· Easy installation free of bubbles
· Fits with all of our cases
· 9H scratch resistance
· Easy access to all buttons and ports
· Compatible with wireless charging and Face ID

1. Use the 'Perfect Screen Guard' electrostatic dust remover to remove dust particles
2. Use the alcohol (wet) cleaning wipe to remove residual dirt
3. Wipe clean with the dry wipe
4. Stick a guide sticker on a top corner and opposite bottom corner on the front of the screen protector
5. Peel off the white protective backing
6. Align the earpiece and button cutouts
7. Lower the screen protector onto your phone
8. Let the screen protector sit on your screen for a couple of minutes and the air will naturally be removed. Any remaining air bubbles will disappear within 24-48 hours provided there's no dust or particles trapped under the screen protector