Glide Grip

Our Glide Grip is a uniquely designed stick on finger pass-through for enhanced grip on your iPhone. It contains a patented 3M Nanosuction adhesive that sticks to the back of your phone or onto the back of your case. The Glide Grip sits flat so your phone will slide effortlessly into pockets, bags and purses. It only protrudes off the back of your iPhone 3mm so your phone won't wobble around when sitting backside down on a table or desk. There are 3 notched heights that the Glide Grip slides out to so there's guaranteed to be the perfect fit for different hand sizes. Get the perfect selfie! This also allows the Glide Grip to prop your phone up in portrait or landscape orientation for easy viewing of movies and apps on desks, airplanes, and trains. Use it on your nightstand to prop your phone up to be the perfect alarm clock. It removes clean without leaving any residue and can be stuck multiple times. 

· Reusable 3M Nanosuction adhesive
· Allows for finger pass-through for improved grip on your devices
· Never drop your phone again!
· Snap the perfect selfie

· Sits flat
· Lightweight and not bulky  
· Portrait and landscape orientation
· Removes clean without any residue

We recommend giving the Glide Grip 8-12 hours to adhere to the back of your phone or case so it can achieve maximum stick.

*Please note, the Glide Grip WILL NOT work with our Kaleidoscope cases due to the raised geometric pattern or our Neon or Matte Black Silicone cases because of the soft-touch matte finish on them*